Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life Doesn't Stink

I'm by no means a wealthy or famous person. I grew up in a lower-middle class neighborhood and that hasn't changed much. I've never won any great awards or sporting events. I've never invented anything, though I did make a cool house for our cockatiel Tiki. Probably the most notable thing that's ever happened to me is my elbow was in an episode of the TV show Touched by an Angel.

Little Miara (and Bumper)
But every now and again, events happen to remind me that perhaps my life is worth something. One of those happened last week when my oldest daughter got married to a nice and well-deserving young man. Miara and Colton are a great young couple and I know they have many happy years ahead of them.

As children, we don't realize how much we mean to our parents—or how mean we are to our parents sometimes. But once we have children of our own, most of us soon discover that our most important work in life is doing our best to keep our children from crashing and burning. It's difficult enough just to manage our own affairs. But add to that the needs of a spouse, one or more children, a career, a house, friends . . . You start to wonder how anyone makes it through life without going totally nuts.

Miara has always made us proud. She's artistic, funny, smart, pretty, and fun to be with. She often makes very astute statements—Miaraisms—that everyone should take to heart.

Big Miara
"People should be required to take a test before having kids."

"Dad, you can't wear plaid with more plaid."

"Mom, you don't need to teach me the facts of life—I learned all that in fourth grade."

"Can I have a hippopotamus for my birthday?"

"I'm not sure if the Easter Bunny is real. I saw him at the mall, and there aren't any real bunnies that big."

"The planet would be a lot better place if there weren't any people on it."

"The problem with the world today is people don't watch enough Disney movies."

With astute comments like that coming from my offspring, how could I ever feel that my life isn't worth anything? Thanks, Miara, for making everyone around you happy. And thanks, Colton, for making Miara happy.

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