Friday, March 9, 2012

Charity Event to Benefit Down Syndrome International

In conjunction with World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, I'm holding a charity event wherein I'll donate 50% of all pre-tax proceeds to Down Syndrome International for all sales of my book The Power of Powers that occur worldwide from March 20 – 22.

World Down Syndrome Day is officially recognized by the United Nations and is set aside for events and activities around the world to help raise awareness of Down syndrome and how people with Down syndrome play a vital role in our lives and communities.

As a father of a child with Down syndrome, I wanted to do a small part in helping people understand more about Down syndrome. It's not a disease or anything terrible like that. It occurs when a person's 21st chromosome has three copies, rather than the normal two. Hence the chosen date for this event: 3-21. People with Down syndrome have certain physical characteristics and some cognitive impairment, but can live healthy, productive lives as active members of their community.

Down Syndrome International, according to their website, "is a UK based international charity, comprising a membership of individuals and organizations from all over the world, committed to ensuring quality of life and human rights for all people with Down syndrome."

If you have any questions about this, feel free to leave comments or contact me. Or better yet, buy a book, enjoy a great read, and get warm fuzzies because you helped a great cause.